Our Collection

There are a number of vehicles from the Wigan Corporation era and beyond in our collection. These are owned variously by individuals, groups of individuals or the Trust itself.

Wigan Corporation

Wigan Corporation No 4 a Leyland Titan PD2 DEK106
Wigan Corporation No 9 a Leyland Atlantean AN68 NEK9K
Wigan Corporation No 20 a Leyland Panther Cub DJP468E
Wigan Corporation No 34 a Leyland Titan PD1 JP6032
Wigan Corporation No 35 a Leyland Titan PD2 JJP502
Wigan Corporation No 103 a Leyland Royal Tiger AEK516
Wigan Corporation No 113 a Leyland Titan PD2 DEK7E

Greater Manchester PTE

Greater Manchester 8763 a Leyland Atlantean AN68 A763NNA
Greater Manchester 3253 a Leyland Olympian C253FRJ

Lancashire United Transport

LUT 135 a Guy Arab V 6219TF

St Helens Corporation

St Helens 58 an AEC Regent V MDJ918E

Stagecoach Manchester

Stagecoach 604 a Volvo B10BLE P604JBU

North Western Road Car Company

North Western a Scania L113CRL R51XVM