Wigan Corporation No 113

Leyland Titan PD2/37
Northern Counties H37/27F body
Leyland O.600 9.8l 125bhp diesel engine
Leyland 4 speed manual gearbox
Delivered 02/1967
Wigan Corporation No 113
GMT No 3288
Delivered 02/1967
Withdrawn 1980

Current status: awaiting restoration

Wigan 113 is a Leyland Titan PD2 with a Northern Counties 64 seat front entrance body. No 113 is from the penultimate order of Leyland Titans delivered to Wigan. This style of vehicle was fast becoming obsolete by the end of the 1960s. The pressing desire to reduce costs and maximise passenger numbers per vehicle was driving many operators toward the one-man operable types, initially single deck vehicles and later the rear engined double deck models following a change in the law to permit this in 1966.

Wigan though, in common with a number of operators, remained wedded to the Leyland Titan front engined design. Wigan’s last PD2s entered service in 1968 and were among the last few PD2 chassis to be built. Wigan’s first Atlantean entered service later that same year.

The reducing orders for PD2 types lead Leyland to reduce the radiator options available to buyers. No 113 sports an exposed radiator which was a feature of the final batches of PD2s from by Leyland, reintroducing a style not seen on new Corpy buses since around 1950. Despite this the interiors were updated slightly with fluorescent lighting replacing tungsten bulbs. However the bus interiors retained the classic Wigan interior with round back leather seats and the familiar Wigan interior panelling.

Typical of the smaller 1960s double deck Wigan service bus, No 113 would have been used on the less busy Wigan routes. Following the assimilation into Greater Manchester Transport in April 1974 Wigan 113 became GMT 3288.